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Welcome to Neverland (youtube)

                                                 Beauty and the Beast

 Valentine Middelkerke                   Fish in swimming pond


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                  45'th Anniversario de Leolanda Italy: cakes and new shop           


       Projects in progress:                                                             

 * Plopsaland De Panne
 * Holiday park Hassloch: Beach project
 * Some art projects
 * Port Aventura Ferrariland

                        Looking for some magic?

Neverland Themepark Projects is a young, dynamic and artistic company.
We specialise in making your wildest imaginations come to life.
Starting from scratch and ending with the facts.
We design it and theme it, we make it and fix it, we chop it and screw it, we sculpt it and paint it...
All over Europe, from darkride to museum, from easy to rough, we just can't get enough!
We use materials such as polyester (fiber glass), polystyrene foam, wood a.o.
So let your eyes roll and see you on your next show...




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